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Aesthetic device company Corpoderm

French company located in Austin, TX, Corpoderm offers a wide range of products and services for aesthetics professionals. Since 2005, we develop, manufacture and distribute aesthetic solutions that match professionals and end-consumers' needs.

Corpoderm is a family-owned business that prides itself in building successful long-term relationships with its clients. To guarantee our business’ sustainability, we select innovative technologies with the upmost attention to design the best professional aesthetic devices.

Corpoderm french aesthetic distributor to the US
Corpoderm french international distributor of aesthetic devices since 2005
French company

Distributor and manufacturer of professional aesthetic equipment

Corpoderm deploys all its expertise to offer aesthetic professionals long-term support, a win/win partnership encompassing several facets of the profession, with key words being the durability and stability of your business.


Innovation our focus, sustainability our goal

From the beginning, our main mission has been to identify the most innovative aesthetic solutions. We’ve perfected these solutions by working closely with specialized engineers. Beyond efficiency, our focus aims at ensuring reliability and safety. Before any device sees daylight, we ensure that it complies with all legal requirements and perform a market study to support the relevancy of our offer. Doing so, we are able to guarantee a long-term, hassle-free use of our devices to aesthetic professionals.

Innovative technologies portfolio


Corpoderm technical working on devices

Involved from distribution to manufacturing

High-end distribution is essential to preserve our reputation. Corpoderm has made the choice of exclusive distribution for both registered and distributed brands. When dealing with Corpoderm, you do not deal with middlemen. We ensure a direct management of our distribution to guarantee quality in our sales and to maintain control over our logistics.

Mastering the technology, from its design to its manufacturing, has always been Jose Flotats’ end-goal since day 1. Better customer service, better hand over CSR-related topics, numerous benefits are derived from this goal. Thinking our devices is to master them and make the most of them. This is for that reason that we aim at providing a 100% made in France catalog. Currently, 80% of our products are manufactured either in France or Belgium. The rest is in process of repatriation. Our ambition is to ensure a French manufacturing for all of our equipment within the upcoming years.


High-end customer service

Through this win/win relationship, our team developed a true sense of proximity with beauty professionals. This allows us to monitor carefully and quickly the evolution of the aesthetic sector and all challenges that go with it. In that way, our clients are fully integrated into our development process. But more than that, Corpoderm understood that other levers and factors come at play to create a successful offer of cosmetic procedures. Through the years, we identified them necessary and want to make sure our clients have all the necessary cards in hand. Training, financing, calculation of your profitability and general support in securing your business, we are able to provide a range of services that is constantly evolving with you and the market.

Professional customer service at Corpoderm
Word of the CEO

Trust from end to end

If Corpoderm now benefits from true recognition in the world of aesthetic care, it is undoubtedly thanks to the vision of its founder José Flotats:

I believe that the core of our business lies in trust and transparency. Our primary goal is to build and maintain trust with our clients; we don’t want to sell for the sake of doing sales. It is all about understanding the needs and make sure our devices evolve with these needs to optimize comfort for the end-users while maximizing efficiency and profitability for our clients.
José Flotats
Jose CEO at Corpoderm
International scope

A French company with an international spirit

Although Corpoderm is a French company, our partnerships go beyond the hexagon’s frontiers, whether for conception or distribution. To develop relevant technologies, Corpoderm has always been actively monitoring internationally which ended up in strong international collaboration with engineers and their manufacturing units. Our first technologies have been developed in Spain with a renown manufacturer specialized in medical lasers. Thereafter, other partnerships arose, in Asia and Belgium.

Corpoderm’s expertise benefits from an international recognition as our equipment have been distributed in many European countries, most of Maghreb countries as well as in Pacific Asia.

Our goal: Perfect all technologies offered to equip all businesses dedicated to beauty care and share our know-how internationally.

From France to Texas

Based in Toulouse, Corpoderm has been founded on values of family, hardwork, compassion and innovation. Making the choice of expanding overseas has been a well though-out decision that came with experience. Over the years, we’ve built sustainable relationships with international clients. Internationalizing our physical presence in Austin just made sense. Booming heart of Texas, Austin materializes the vision of Corpoderm. To a larger extent, the lone star is fueled by a thriving aesthetic sector, by hundreds of businesses whose wish is to provide good quality services to their clients.

These partnerships opportunities are the occasion for Corpoderm to bring its French know-how, its experience and its willingness to create a community that shares the same values and interest to provide innovative aesthetic products and services for its customers. Indeed, expansion for Corpoderm does not only mean selling more. It is an opportunity to create bonds, to enhance local embeddedness by creating our local hubs.

Indeed, we pride ourselves in partnering with local actors for maintenance and training. With our vision of local hubs, our aim is to create a community of actors able to answer our clients needs, wherever they are in the US.

Come to see our devices in Austin but also in one of our partners’ showrooms.

Corpoderm international From France to US

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