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PBM | LED light therapy

Non-invasive aesthetic technology

LED light therapy, also commonly named photobiomodulation, is a technique tested and used for many years as the emission of photons has proven to be a real booster of cell regeneration.

The process consists in diffusing a "cold light" by electromagnetic waves of variable length that will penetrate more or less deeply into the skin to produce the biochemical reaction that gives its name to this technology: photobiomodulation.

Non-invasive and non-aggressive, this technology offers a painless and risk-free cellular stimulation solution.

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Theoretical overview

What is Photobiomodulation (PBM)?

Photobiomodulation (PBM) refers to the process by which our cells transform the photonic energy of light into energy for cell regeneration, the equivalent of photosynthesis for plants. LED face & body care products exploit the benefits of this process to fight against the signs of aging and skin imperfections.

Initially practiced by laser (Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT), photobiomodulation is becoming more widespread with the development of devices using LEDs; we are talking then about LED Light Therapy.

Learn more about PBM

PBM by exposure to artificial light (LED or laser) exploits different wavelengths of the visible and near infrared spectrum. These waves are selected according to the specific effects they produce on cellular metabolism, and diffused at non-thermal doses, to produce a photoelectric effect. 

In the aesthetic field, this process is practiced with devices specifically designed for beauty and wellness professionals. The light emitted passes smoothly through the tissues without producing heat and is absorbed by the cells. It is the mitochondria, the cell's energy factories, that convert this cold light into energy available for cell renewal. A clear increase in the production of elastin and collagen fibers and an improvement in skin microcirculation can be observed.

The different wavelengths allow to target very precisely the different layers of the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissues. Photobiomodulation thus makes it possible to develop a range of global cell regeneration treatments as well as targeted and customizable treatments to meet specific demands.

action of differents wavelenght led light therapy pbm

The benefits of professional LED light therapy devices

The professional LED devices use light-emitting diodes with a radiation power superior to that of commonly used LEDs, which allow to reach the density of 100mW/cm2 necessary to trigger the photobiomodulation process. These devices also use efficient cooling systems to maintain the same power level throughout the light exposure sessions.

These professional LEDs can independently exploit the different wavelengths of the visible spectrum (violet, blue, green, yellow, red) as well as the near infrared for a wide variety of applications.

The different colors, which correspond to these different wavelengths, are known to have specific actions that answer a wide range of needs.

professionnel light emitting diode for aesthetic device
LED Wavelengths
Professionnal led light therapy machine using yellow

Yellow Light | Anti-aging

Yellow LED light therapy penetrates deeper into the dermis to stimulate venous and lymphatic circulation.

It is particularly used in anti-aging treatments and to slow down hair loss.

Green Light | Relaxation

Green LED light therapy is selectively absorbed to lighten hyperpigmentation spots. Green light has also strong destressing and relaxing properties, thank to the boost of energy it provides.

Professionnal led light therapy device using blue

Blue Light | Imperfections

Blue LED light therapy focuses on the epidermis and acts on skin imperfections. Blue light is known to have an action on bacteria. It is this color that is used in phototherapy for the treatment of acne.

aesthetic led therapy device using red lilght

Red Light | Rejuvenation

Red LED light therapy represents the longest wavelength of the visible spectrum and allows to act on the deepest tissues and fibroplasts. It opens a wide range of possible applications from skin tightening to the treatment of alopecia.

led light therapy device using purple light

Infrared Light | Deep Care

Invisible to the naked eye, infrared LED light therapy penetrates the deepest part of the epidermis. It acts on the level of hydration, inhibits lipogenesis and activates the production of collagen and elastin, thus fighting against flaccidity. Combined with red light, infrared light significantly optimizes the effects of the treatments.

Combined colors in protocols

Estheled moveable led light therapy device

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Applications overview

What is LED light therapy used for?

LED Light Therapy with Photobiomodulation is a proven cell regeneration technology. This technology has a wide use, bringing many desirable effects to your clients. 

Indeed, photobiomodulation has many applications for LED face & body treatments. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment, but it can also be used in conjunction with other treatment techniques, offering aesthetic professionals new opportunities to develop targeted and personalized treatment paths.
The regenerating action of photobiomodulation is an interesting complement to all aesthetic medicine techniques: for example, it can minimize the side effects of a peel, mesotherapy or microneedling.


FDA-approved led light therapy devices from Corpoderm have multiple applications in the field of aesthetic care

body application led light therapy

Body Application

Photobiomodulation can be practiced on different parts of the body. Precise protocols allow us to respond to different problems.

Practiced on the entire body, it allows, in addition to an in-depth regeneration of the tissues, to impact the circulation of fluids in the entire body.

Ideal for a global regeneration cure, as part of a slimming treatment or for its relaxing virtues.

face application led light therapy

Face Application

A quick and painless treatment that has an anti-aging effect and provides an immediate glow to the complexion.

LED treatments can be used as part of an anti-aging routine for all skin types. Precise protocols developed from research data from the medical world make it possible to offer treatments targeting specific problems.

Finally, LED treatments for the face can also be used in addition to more aggressive treatments to soothe the skin, promote healing and thus optimize the performance of peeling and microneedling treatments, for example.

hair application led light therapy

Hair Application

The effects of photobiomodulation on hair growth have been recognized since 2009. The process allows the scalp to be cleansed, promoting dense and healthy hair.

The action exerted on the hair follicles also prolongs the growth phase of the hair and therefore slows down hair loss, but also stimulates hair growth.

Although the effects take longer to observe due to the length of the hair's life cycle, they are significant enough to motivate the development of devices and protocols specifically dedicated to scalp and hair care by LED.

    LED light benefits

    LED light's effects on cellular regeneration are a source of numerous benefits : the skin is better oxygenated and better hydrated, it restructures and improves as a whole. As the sessions progress, light exposure allows for in-depth regeneration of the skin cells: skin imperfections are reduced and the effects of aging are visibly diminished. 

    PBM helps boost the production of collagen and elastin

    Through the activation of fibroblasts

    PBM helps the detoxification process

    Tissue oxygenation

    PBM helps strengthen the skin immunity

    Skin hydration

    Is LED Light Therapy safe?

    Photobiomodulation has the lowest level of irradiance for light therapy. Compared to practices like Laser CO2 or Laser YAG, PBM offers a non-invasive solution with LED. 

    • No risk of overdose or burns
    • Low irradiance level (compared to other technologies using light waves)
    • absence of UV

    Led Light Therapy can be used on all phototypes and in all seasons. Sun exposure is not prohibited during treatment. Numerous studies attest to the safety of this procedure.

    Important to bear in mind:

    Epilepsy is the only formal contraindication. Simple precautions are sufficient to guarantee a total absence of risks related to exposure to light emitted by LEDs. Those precautions mainly concern the use of photosensitizing products (except those specifically intended for this use!) and vigilance which recommends reserving the use of LEDs for facial treatments only during pregnancy.

             Finally, eyes are to be protected with glasses designed for this purpose. All other cells from your                               organism will benefit from LED light   therapy. 

    Outcomes & Profitability

    Efficient aesthetic technology with a versatile care offer

    The wide use of our cell regeneration technology gives your clients a choice adapted to their needs.
    Experience and know-how allowed us to provide a versatile care package, thought out for aesthetics professionals like you, with many protocols built up from our years of experience. 

    Quick and painless

    It's enough to describe our LED Light Therapy devices. Our technology is non-invasive and results can be seen as quick as after one session. 

    Comfort for your clients

    • 4 to 8 sessions usually needed
    • Sessions are to be spaced by a few days only
    • Sessions ranged from 8 to 20 minutes

    Comfort for you

    • Devices are easy to set up
    • Hands-free devices
    • No consumables

    Wide variety of protocols

    Our devices come with up to 16 protocols, designed for a targeted needs, by our team.

    Profitability and financing

    Every business is different. Your reality is different from those of your neighbors. Corpoderm understands that and guides you with your investment to find the right devices, fitting to these needs. Our experience helped us perfect tools to provide you with the best customer experience on the market! 

    Explore our solutions and dive into Corpoderm's world to with our profitability assessment tool "Corprofit" or simply by setting up a meeting with us.

    Our solutions

    EstheLED Light therapy device

    EshteLED 5C

    Red / Yellow / Blue / Green / Infrared

    EstheLED 5C unleashes opportunity and efficiency for a LED light therapy care offer. With 5 colors available, this hand-free device allows you to perform the highest number of treatments for body, face and hair. Covering a wide range of use, EstheLED 5C is equipped with an ergonomic arm to reach any part of the body. 

    • Maximized efficiency with 5 different colors including infrared
    • More than 15 protocols already available
    • Customizeable treatment protocols based on your expertise
    • No consumables
    • Intuitive control panel

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