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IPL | Intense Pulsed Light

high-end aesthetic technology

IPL is a must-have in termes of advanced aesthetic solution. IPL diffuses an intense light in the form of flashes. Directed at different areas of the body, these light waves are used to remove hair, but also to perform rejuvenation treatments by photofacial. 

IPL with SHR On-Move

Pulse fractioning with tested technology

Maximum efficiency

Hair removal and skin rejuvenation combined

Results & profitability

Fast, comfortable and painless sessions

Theoretical overview

How Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) works?

action of intense pulsed light on the hair
action of intense pulsed light on the hair

Intense Pulsed Light technology is based on a process of pulsed emission of a broad spectrum polychromatic light that allows for the control of the phenomenon of selective photo-thermolysis. This phenomenon results in an increased temperature of the melanin and pigments in the skin tissues, resulting in physical reactions. These, lead to different applications developed in the aesthetic field. 

IPL devices or pulse flash lamps, enables the mobilization of different wavelengths and the adjustment of the pulse fraction according to the application and the phototype of the client.

More about selective photo-thermolysis (SPT)

Selective Photo-thermolysis consists in heating target chromophores in order to destroy them.

The energy of the light is transported by packets of particles called photons transformed into heat when in contact with the material. The term chromophore is used to designate the substances that are the fastest to absorb light energy. In the case of aesthetic applications, the main chromophores are the melanin contained in the hair, the hemoglobin of localized redness and the intra-dermal water which can be responsible for stains. SPT process allows to generate a temperature rise of the targets to be destroyed which present a high concentration of chromophores (hairs, rednesses and spots) while ensuring the cooling of the surrounding tissues which contain less of them to avoid any risk of burning.

History of this technology

Born in the 90's, IPL has been used since 1995 in the field of aesthetic care in the United States.

Finding its origins in San Diego, CA, IPL was firstly conceptualized by Goldman, Fitzpatrick and Eckhouse in 1992. After initial studies (first on animal ear veins, then on human legs veins) that proved its efficiency, more had been conducted to find the right parameters to highly-reduce epidermal damage. Proving its success, IPL became a FDA-approved technology in 1995.

Introduced through clinical trials in the United States and Canada, it reported success but also its fair share of critics among the medical field. This benefited the whole  practice has it led to huge progress up until our days where systems provide an optimal pulse technology, enabling a more controlled energy, more uniform. 

Very popular because it is effective and virtually painless, the appropriation of this technique by aesthetic professionals has never stopped growing and has been developed for many uses, the most commonly-used ones being for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

What is Corpoderm's SHR On-Move technology?

"Always on the lookout for innovative technologies and their evolution, Corpoderm has been present on the pulsed light market since 1996 and has been perfecting the technique and its equipment for ever greater safety and effectiveness."
José Flotats

SHR On Move technology is based on the concept of pulse fractioning. Pulse fractioning consists in alternating between heating times during the duration of the pulse, and thermal relaxation times.

More details about the pulse fractioning technique

This process allows to apply the necessary amount of energy to destroy the chromophores or to stimulate the tissues, without any risk of damage to the connective tissue, even on dark skins. SHR on Move from Corpoderm is the most advanced technology in this field. SHR uses a low fluence (intensity of photon emissions) and multiplies the number of shots up to 10 flashes per second.

The temperature rise of the chromophores is faster and their cooling is slower compared to the skin. Compared to a traditional IPL, the pulse fractioning technique allows to reach the necessary temperature of 158°F (70°C) more progressively to the destruction of the targets while leaving time to the skin to cool down between two flashes so that it never exceeds 104°F (40°C).
The higher frequency of the shots allows at the same time to achieve a more regular coverage of the areas to be treated.

thermal effects of pulse fractionning IPL SHR

The outcome

  • Fine adjustment of the power and duration of the pulses
  • The selective photothermolysis process is optimized
  • Possible to extend the range of treatments using pulsed light to phototypes 1 to 5 and to tanned skin without risk.
  • The "rubber band" sensation associated with the flashes is considerably reduced, making it possible to treat even the most sensitive individuals.
  • The increased frequency of the flashes ensures better coverage of the areas to be treated.

The benefits

  • Softer, more pleasant and more regular flashes.

  • Faster, more effective and safer treatments.

  • Increased profitability of pulsed light treatments.
Applications overview

What is IPL used for?

Intense Pulsed Light is widely known to the general public as an effective and painless hair removal technique, but its applications in the field of anti-aging care are often unknown. Corpoderm's IPL technology allows you to exploit the potential of both treatments.

épilation lumière pulsée aisselle

IPL Hair Removal

Hair Removal can be applied on all parts of the body with accuracy and efficiency.

IPL Hair Removal is painless, long-lasting and has the advantage of being able to be used on all areas of the body - with the exception of areas too close to the eyes. The precision of Corpoderm SHR On Move technology also makes it possible to treat ingrown hairs.

How is Hair Removal performed?

Hair Removal's handpieces use high wavelengths of red light to work at the root of the hair without damaging the epidermis.

The heat generated by the pulsed light focuses on the high concentrations of melanin present in the hair, resulting in the destruction of the bulb and bulge present in each hair follicle. Treated hairs are destroyed at the root. Their hair follicles lose their ability to produce new hair in the future.

Because of the way it works, hair removal is less effective on very light or very dark skin. It cannot be used on phototype VI skin with too high a concentration of melanin, nor on white hair that is completely devoid of melanin.

To bare in mind: Certain contraindications must also be taken into account, and the subject's eligibility for hair removal treatment must be seriously validated.

soin photo réjuvénation par lumière pulsée

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation by intense pulsed light treatment is practiced for the face (photofacial treatment) but also for the body.

Intense pulsed light has many applications in the field of anti-aging. It is used to reshape and firm tissues as well as to even out skin tone and improve skin texture. It is most often used for the treatment of the face, neck, chest, hands and back.

How is Skin Rejuvenation performed?

Treatments are performed with specific handpieces designed to release yellow range wavelengths. The light is applied in a series of light pulses to the area to be treated. Its aim is twofold:

  1. On the surface, it acts on the chromophores responsible for the imperfections (hemoglobin and melanin contained in the intradermal water).
  2. In depth, it stimulates the fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

It is not a question of destroying targets but rather of activating the natural processes of metabolism through exposure to controlled heat.

Pulsed light anti-aging treatments are reserved for phototypes I to IV because of its action on the surface of the epidermis, which is not suitable for skin with a high concentration of melanin.

Bear in mind

Pulsed Light treatment requires perfect mastery and is strictly reserved for beauty professionals. To ensure that practitioners practice in complete safety, Corpoderm equipment is designed with the highest standards of quality, and is made available through certified training courses that present thorough treatment protocols.

IPL crystal on legs

Intense pulsed light treatment Protocols

Hair Removal

Average time of a treatment: 30 to 40 minutes

Average number of sessions: 6 to 8 sessions

In fact, pulsed light only affects hairs in the growth phase (anagen phase). This phase concerns on average 85% of an individual's hair system at any given time, the other hairs being in the regression phase: the catagen phase, which lasts 2 weeks, or the telogen phase (resting phase), which lasts 2 months. 

The duration of the treatment should also be modulated according to each individual and the extent of the areas to be treated.

  • IPL hair removal protocol client's eligibility

    Step 1

    Validate the client's eligibility to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment and remove any contraindications

  • IPL hair removal protocol shaving of treated area

    Step 2

    Shave the treated area 

  • IPL hair removal protocol protection of moles, tattoos and miscellanoeous skin spots

    Step 3

    Observe the treated area and protect any moles, tattoos or miscellaneous skin spots with a white  pencil

  • IPL hair removal protocol apply the gel

    Step 4

    Cover the treated area with a gel that favors the transmission of light waves

  • IPL hair removal protocol eye protection

    Step 5

    The pulsed light being very intense, protect the eyes of the treated subject... without forgetting those of the practitioner!

  • IPL hair removal protocol set up of IPL device

    Step 6

    Set up your treatment device

  • IPL hair removal protocol completion of the treatment

    Step 7

    Activate the pulsed light and complete the treatment

  • IPL hair removal protocol rinse the skin

    Step 8

    Remove the protective gel and rinse the skin

  • IPL hair removal protocol moisturizing and soothing treatment

    Step 9

    Apply a moisturizing and soothing treatment

  • IPL hair removal protocol treatment completed

    Step 10

    You've successfully completed your treatment!

    Skin Rejuvenation

    Average time of a treatment: 8 to 20 minutes

    Average number of sessions: 6 to 8 sessions

    As for the hair removal, it is important that both you and your customer always wear protection glasses while performing skin rejuvenation. Also, these treatments are reserved for phototypes I to IV because of its action on the surface of the epidermis, which is not suitable for skin with a high concentration of melanin.

    The duration of the treatment should also be modulated according to each individual and the extent of the areas to be treated.

    • IPL skin rejuvenation protocol client's eligibility

      Step 1

      Validate the client's eligibility to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment and remove any contraindications

    • IPL skin rejuvenation protocol hair protection

      Step 2

      Protect the hair of the treated subject (use a hair cap or a headband)

    • IPL skin rejuvenation protocol clean the area

      Step 3

      Clean the area to be treated (make-up removal may be necessary) and dry the skin thoroughly

    • IPL skin rejuvenation protocol protect moles, tattoos and miscellaneous skin spots

      Step 4

      Observe the treated area and protect any moles, tattoos or miscellaneous skin spots with a white pencil

    • IPL skin rejuvenation protocol eye protection

      Step 5

      Protect the client's eyes (and yours) with specially designed glasses.

    • IPL skin rejuvenation protocol gel application

      Step 6

      Cover the treated area with a gel that promotes the transmission of light waves

    • IPL skin rejuvenation protocol activation of the pulsed light device

      Step 7

      After having set up your device according to the indications of the treatment protocol, activate the pulsed light

    • IPL skin rejuvenation protocol gel removal and skin rinsing

      Step 8

      Remove the protective gel and rinse the skin

    • IPL skin rejuvenation protocol soothing treatment application

      Step 9

      Apply a soothing treatment.

    • IPL skin rejuvenation protocol treatment completed

      Step 10

      You've successfully completed your treatment!

      Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation in application

      Outcomes & Profitability

      What to expect from IPL

      The success of our technologies lies in customer satisfaction. With visible and long-lasting results, Intense Pulsed Light has established itself as a reliable and effective solution.

      Hair Removal

      Of hair permanently removed

      At the end of a hair removal treatment, 90% of hair is permanently eliminated. Only after several years will we observe a very slow regrowth that a simple maintenance session will eliminate.

      Skin Rejuvenation

      Results from the first session

      The unifying and remodeling effect of a skin rejuvenation treatment produces the first visible effects from the first session. At the end of the treatment, the results last for several months (this duration varies according to the age and skin quality of the subject treated). IPL skin rejuvenation is a treatment to be used in addition to traditional beauty and anti-aging treatments.

      IPL Profitability and financing

      America is a large country. And the reality of your business' environment is different from a state to another. To combine efficiency and relevancy, Corpoderm chose to dig further in the profitability assessment. With Corprofit, our internally designed tool, get a real estimate on your business' capabilities as well as your financing terms, all within 5 minutes and by yourself.  Get the most out of your equipment: find the right fit!

      Our solution

      IPL Stella

      Maximum Efficiency

      STELLA is the reference for pulsed light. Ergonomic, reliable and cost-effective, Stella will allow you to develop your hair removal and skin rejuvenation business while ensuring optimal results in complete safety. Its increased cooling system allows for continuous handling and an intensive sequence of services.

      • 2 handpieces for both hair removal and skin rejuvenation
      • High-performing cooling system
      • Continuous use for maximum efficiency 
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