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Diagnostic Technology | Skin Analysis

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With the introduction of smart devices, the aesthetic sector has also entered a new era. Constantly reinventing itself to meet the demand, the Corpoderm team quickly became interested in diagnostic technologies. Intelligent analyzers combine bio-analysis technologies and artificial intelligence to establish an ultra-fast and precise diagnosis in order to set up a treatment protocol and personalized follow-up. Corpoderm has chosen to focus on equipment that also has functionalities to optimize customer management and support the professional in his or her business development.


Skin diagnosis for face and hair care

  • With a multitude of precise measurement points, a skin and hair analyzer allows to establish a complete diagnosis on which to recommend appropriate care and cosmetics.

  • This is a great start for the beauty care professional who sees the credibility of his diagnosis reinforced. They have the best arguments to convince their clients of the need for a treatment, or to guide them towards the most suitable cosmetics.
dp skin analysis for hair and skin

The development of new technologies for skin and hair diagnosis provides an opportunity to highlight this central skill for beauty professionals. The ability to perform a skin diagnosis is an essential prerequisite for defining appropriate treatments and is the first guarantee of customer satisfaction. The rise of personalized cosmetics since 2019 and the regular appearance of new diagnostic devices show the craze for this technology. Always attentive to distributing high-performance equipment best suited to the needs of care professionals, the Corpoderm team has identified the criteria that guarantee the best benefits from diagnostic technologies and that have led it to select DP Skin.

Skin analysis benefits

  • high tech precision features for professional diagnosis

    High-tech Precision features

    Skin and hair analyzers use photos of the skin taken with a high-definition camera.

    The software then determines the type of skin or hair by precisely detailing the parameters relating to key factors concerning the levels of hydration and keratin, the state of the pores and wrinkles or the possible presence of spots or acne.

  • user friendly interface for professional diagnosis

    User-friendly interface

    Easy to set up, the diagnostic technology facilitates the reception and advice phase with the client.

    Clear and readable data will show customers objective measures of the effectiveness of the care, ideal to reinforce its credibility and build customer loyalty.

  • products registration for a personalized professional diagnosis

    Choose your cosmetics

    New diagnostic devices reinforce the competence of the beauty professional but do not replace it.

    If the skin analyzer must be efficient and easy to use, it must also allow professionals to continue working with the cosmetic products of their choice without imposing a predefined range.

    Our solution

    America is a large country. And the reality of your business' environment is different from a state to another. To combine efficiency and relevancy, Corpoderm chose to dig further in the profitability assessment. With Corprofit, our internally designed tool, get a real estimate on your business' capabilities as well as your financing terms, all within 5 minutes and by yourself.  Get the most out of your equipment: find the right fit!  

    DP Skin

    Skin Analysis

    DP Skin works with a HD camera equipped with 16 LEDs allowing to define the apparent age via AI. DP Skin then produces a synthesis on which the diagnosis and care recommendations are based. 

    skin analyzer device for hair and face
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