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Designed for aesthetic professionals

With the rise of aesthetic technologies, treatments such as beauty, anti-aging and slimming ones have undergone a revolution in recent years. Backed by advanced scientific research and validated by clients with visible results, these innovative technologies are attracting a new clientele in the aesthetics industry.

For aestheticians and beauty professionals, these new aesthetic technologies are a real opportunity to develop their clientele and increase their business profitability.

Aesthetic technologies available in United States

    Innovative technologies you can trust

    • Red Light Therapy by Diadermie
    • cryotherapy with Cryocell
    • aesthetic electrostimulation with Esthe-SHAPE

    Corpoderm's vision is based on innovation and the willingness to provide the latest technologies to its clients. Over the years, many technologies have been researched, designed and developed to fit aesthetics professionals' needs. 

    IPL, Photobiomodulation, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Radiofrequency or Cyrotherapy, Corpoderm has developed expertise in a wide range of technologies to serve your clients better

    We pride ourselves in offering devices based on technologies that we master. Thanks to our constant international monitoring, we have been inspired from all parts of the globe to successfully market our devices. 

    Corpoderm has been inspired from all parts of the globe to successfully market its devices. With technologies first appeared in the US or in Europe, we made a point in offering relevant tools to enhance comfort and efficiency. Indeed, we worked hand-in-hand with aesthetic practitioners to ensure that the technologies developed fit their business plan and needs. Our history is bound to the US has its technological advance on specific technologies transitioned a whole market in Europe. Today, our claim is to bring the best of our technologies developed in France and in others parts of the globe with our 17 years of experience and professionalism.

    Our French catalog coming soon

    Corpoderm's vision is in movement, a controlled movement. We visioned our expansion has a linear progression starting with IPL and PBM. Our goal, working with our US clients to develop a catalog wider than it has never been before. 

    • diadermie Red light therapy


      Slimming & Anti-aging
    • Low frequency ultrasound


      Slimming & Firming
    • bodysculpting by ems and radio frequency

      EMS + RF

    • Radiofrequency treatment


      Anti-aging & anti-cellulite
    • microdermabrasion treatment by Corpoderm


      Soft Peeling for Face & Body

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