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Welcome to Corpoderm

Your Aesthetic devices distributor

Corpoderm is... a partner of aesthetic care professionals

Corpoderm french company in America

Corpoderm partners with you beyond the distribution of aesthetic care devices. Our team is dedicated to assist you in your development from the beginning with a detailed assessment of your investment, to the end with training and maintenance.

Since 2005, we pride ourselves in giving our clients the best experience to successfully run their businesses. Our devices answer a wide range of needs and will increase your profitability while providing efficient results to your clients.

Distributing high-end aesthetic devices



    Our humble timeline

    2005 creation of corpoderm in toulouse

    Creation in Toulouse

    2009 Corpoderm brings radio frequency

    Corpoderm start selling Radio Frequency

    Corpoderm is the first to import IPL for the french market

    Corpoderm brings IPL to France

    Corpoderm expands internationally

    International expansion begins

    Corpoderm is present in every region in france

    Corpoderm has showrooms and devices in every french region

    US expansion begins in Austin, TX

    Expansion to the US begins

    Helping you finance with Corprofit

    Assess your investment

    Internally designed, Corprofit builds a tailored estimation of your profitability as well as your financing terms based on any scenario. Thought-out for your needs, it allows you to truly visualize your investment; what it implies and what opportunities it brings to your business. 

    Corprofit profitability assessment tool

    Providing high-quality services

    All Corpoderm beauty care equipment is guaranteed for 2 years on parts and labor, and our Customer Service is very responsive. To limit the potential financial impact of a technical interruption, Corpoderm Customer Service is committed to being available, reactive and efficient. 

    On top of that, with the professional aesthetic training service offered by Corpoderm partners, we can help you learn how to use your aesthetic equipment. 

    Corpoderm technician working on devices

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