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DP Skin | Skin & Hair Analyzer

Diagnosis technology for aesthetic professionals

DP Skin is the perfect introduction to your care offering. With 12 criteria for skin analysis and 6 criteria for hair and scalp analysis, DP Skin analyzer brings a real scientific guarantee to your recommendations and to the beauty, anti-aging or hair care products you offer.

Dp Skin analyseur de peau personnalisable

Scientific diagnostic for skin & hair analysis

Full Diagnosis

19 criteria analyzed


Care protocol

Intuitive Interface

AI Driven software

DP Skin works with a HD camera equipped with 16 LEDs allowing to define the apparent age via AI. Easy to set up, the management interface guides you step by step before processing the data. DP Skin then produces a synthesis on which the diagnosis and care recommendations are based. 

It's customizable, subscription-free and ergonomic interface, uses AI for recommandations based on the analysis of 19 measures (15 for skin analysis; 4 for hair and scalp analysis)

Start off the right way with your clients


  • Easily initiate relationships with your clients

  • Build a personalized care protocol

  • Guide your clients in their cosmetic choices

  • Provide a personalized follow-up at each step of the treatment

  • Build a complete diagnosis with hair and skin analysis

  • Advise with even more credibility

    DP Skin Analysis: How does it work?

    Introduce your client to DP Skin through a quick survey, easy to perform

    Introduce your client to DP Skin through a quick survey, easy to perform

    Benefiting from the most recent technologies, DP Skin device offers 18 analysis criteria.

    Data processed in order to build the report as well as the recommandations are collected through a High Definition camera and a Hydration probe. They are then refined and completed using a patented 2D and 3D technology. In total, 18 analysis criteria are assessed in this diagnosis. Each of these criteria corresponds to several recommendation levels.

    15 criteria of skin analysis

    Twelve precise and valuable criteria to define a targeted care offer and guarantee visible results.

    • Sebum

    • Desquamation

    • Pores

    • Redness

    • Pigment spots

    • Texture

    • Forehead wrinkles

    • Goose feet ( a verifier )

    • Nasogenian Furrows

    • Make-up foundation ( a verifier ) 

    • Radiant complexion

    • Acne

    4 criteria of hair and scalp analysis

    Useful for setting up your LED device for hair applications.

    • Redness/irritation (2 test criteria)

    • Dandruff

    • Sebum

    • Densitometry

    • Trichogram diameter

    100% customizable diagnosis device

    With its high-definition camera and easy-to-use intuitive interface, the DP Skin skin diagnostic device offers optimal user comfort. Fully customizable, DP Skin can be set to recommend the cosmetic of your choice. It offers the advantage of freedom of use with no subscription and no imposed product range. To fully benefit from the potential of DP Skin recommendation, it is recommended to choose a professional cosmetic and to use it for all types of problems.

    DP Skin elegantly combines diagnostic accuracy with the quality of personalized client care. 

    • Register your cosmetic products Register your cosmetic products

      Register your cosmetic products

    • Entering your product recommendations Entering your product recommendations

      Design your recommendation strategy for your products

    • Customer profile creation Customer profile creation

      Creation of a new customer profile

    • Analysis report Analysis report

      Analysis report

    • Available in 4 languages Available in 4 languages

      Available in 4 languages

    • Customized care recommendations Customized care recommendations

      Customized care recommendations

    • History of skin analysis assessments History of skin analysis assessments

      Reports history for care follow-up

      24 month warranty
      30 day trial
      Buy now, pay later

      A full diagnostic in 6 steps

      • DP skin protocol photos and measurements

        Step 1

        Taking photos and measurements.

      • DP Skin protocol measurements and visuals

        Step 2

        Realization of measurements and visuals by patented 2D and 3D technology.

      • DP Skin protocol data analysis

        Step 3

        Instant data analysis and interpretation.

      • analysis report

        Step 4

        Edition of the assessment and recommendations for a personalized care program

      • DP Skin protocol recommandations

        Step 5

        Recommendations for cosmetic products and treatments (your cosmetics)

      • DP Skin protocol monitoring

        Step 6

        Monitoring of the evolution of the results by comparison graph.

        Skin analyzer for professionals

        The DP Skin package by Corpoderm includes:

        Professional Dermoscope DP Skin
        touch screen computer skin analysis

        Non-contractual picture

        DP Skin Report Edition


        The dermoscope comes with a camera support, two magnetic contact noses (one standard, the other without glass) with anti-reflection treatment inside, an hydration probe as well as 150 patches of Sebum & Dsquam.


        DP Skin includes a 22" all-in-one touchscreen computer with a built-in webcam that is used for certain criteria.


        The dermoscope comes with a camera support, two magnetic contact noses (one standard, the other without glass) with anti-reflection treatment inside.

        Technical Characteristics of the dermoscope
        • Image capture technology

          CMOS ( a verifier )

        • Image capture device
        • Resolution
          4000*3000 pixels
        • Number of pixels
          12 Mpix
        • Acquisition time

          1 second

        • Examination surface
          19 x 15mm²
        • Smallest visible structure
          10 μm
        • Image format archiving and viewing
        • Image format export documents
        • Power supply
          USB 3.0 (5V, 2000 mA)
        • Lighting
          • Lighting type : Group 0 LED (16 Leds)
          • Lighting technology : Backscatter without brightness (patent)
        • Objective
          • Magnification : x 60
          • Focal length : 25 mm
        • Contact Nosepiece

          1 standard + 1 without glass 

        • Weight (with standard nosepiece)

          14 ounces

        Technical Characteristics of the computer
        • Operating system

          Windows 10 or higher

        • Processor

          Intel Core i5 or higher

        • RAM

          4 Go

        • Hard disk

          500 Go

        Features of the DermaExpert software
        • Dermoscopic imaging

        • Viewing and archiving images

        • Analysis of skin and hair criteria

        • Follow-up

        • Creation of analysis and recommendation reports (.pdf format)

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