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EshteLED | LED light therapy

Powered for professionals

EstheLED combines face and body care by light therapy within a single device. Hands-free, easy to set up, EstheLED optimizes your occupancy rate and creates a new treatment offer for your business.

Face Led Light therapy with EstheLED
body Led Light therapy with EstheLED
Hair Led Light therapy with EstheLED
LED Light therapy PBM EstheLED for professionals

FDA Approved Multi-function LED light therapy device

Quick Care

Lenght of a session varies from 8 to 20 minutes.


High efficiency & comfort of use

Up to 5 wavelengths

For numerous targeted applications

EstheLED gives the opportunity to diffuse various colors and intensity for face, body and hair applications. With many protocols designed in France, give your customers a wide range of applications. The positive physiological effects of LED photobiomodulation are multiple. Non-invasive, EstheLED revolutionizes your care offer as it brings all LED Light Therapy benefits with no consumbale and no maintenance.

Expand your care offer with PBM's many applications

  • Estheled by Corpoderm stimulates the cellular metabolism
  • boost collagene and elastin production
  • tissue oxygenation
  • straightening of kin immunity
  • detoxification
    • picto anti-aging
    • picto moisturizing
    • picto pore tightening
    • picto skin firming
    • picto skin toning
    • picto stretch mark reduction
    • picto hair less prevention
    • picto relaxation
    • picto preparation & recovery

      Photobiomodulation in aesthetic care: How does it work?

      Photobiomodulation (PBM) refers to the process by which our cells transform the photonic energy of light into energy for cell regeneration, the equivalent of photosynthesis for plants. LED face & body care products exploit the benefits of this process to fight against the signs of aging and skin imperfections.

      The LEDs of the EshteLED can exploit up to 5 different wavelengths for precise targeting: blue, green, yellow  as well as 2 different wavelengths in the red and near infrared range.

      EstheLED guarantees the benefits of LEDs for the skin and tissues while ensuring the best results in a minimum of time. The simple and intuitive programming interface provides up to 15 pre-programmed protocols for guaranteed results on common applications, and allows professionals to customize the LED treatment protocols based on their expertise and the particularities of each client. Take a peak of EstheLED applications:

      LED Face Applications

      • Facial rejuvenation
      • Wrinkles
      • Eye wrinkles, fine lines
      • Facial expression lines
      • Hydration of dry skin
      • Oily skin
      • Tightens pores
      • Radiance of the complexion
      • Skin color harmonization
      • Redness of the skin
      • Post dermabrasion care
      • Relaxing effect after treatment

      LED Body Applications

      • Anti-aging body
      • Cellulite care
      • Flaccid skin bust
      • Energizing abdomen
      • Post-delivery relaxation treatment
      • Red stretch marks treatment
      • White stretch marks treatment
      • Tummy slimming
      • Water retention
      • Skin firming
      • Post-cryotherapy skin firming
      • Orange skin care
      • Heavy legs care
      • Itching
      • Foot sweating

      LED Hair Applications

      Hair and scalp
      • Hair loss
      • Hair growth
      • Soothing care
      • Oily scalp care

      EstheLED Hair & Body: Technology at its best

      24 month warranty
      30 day trial
      Buy now, pay later
      Financing up to 60 months
      • Continuous work

        EstheLED is equipped with a cooling system which allows it to work at full power throughout the day. 

      • Results and power

        EshteLED mobilizes LEDs with unique functionalities and offers an unequalled power per cm2 on the treated areas.

        It allows for shorter sessions without losing efficiency!

      • 3 diffusion modes

        Adapt the intensity of light diffusion to different applications and clients with 3 modes: Pulsed light, continuous light and modulated light.

      • 100% non-invasive

        EstheLED uses photobiomodulation (PBM). The transformation of photonic energy into energy available for the cells induced by PBM does not generate heat.   

      • Optimized potential

        Every color refers to a wavelength achieving a specific result, penetrating more or less into the dermis. Protocols to optimize the potential of each color are established in France, based on our experience.

        FDA approved LED Light Therapy Devices

        Ergonomic and hands-free device

        high resistance panels EstheLED Light therapy high resistance panels EstheLED Light therapy

        5 High-Resistance Panels

        moveable arm EstheLED Light therapy moveable arm EstheLED Light therapy

        Hands-Free Device

        Intuitive interface EstheLED Light therapy Intuitive interface EstheLED Light therapy

        Intuitive Interface

        moveable arm EstheLED Light therapy moveable arm EstheLED Light therapy

        Moveable Arm For Precision

        EstheLED LED Light Therapy by Corpoderm
        EstheLED options

        5 Colors LED device

        EstheLED 5C enables a maximum of possibilities with 5 colors, and more than 15 protocols. Hands-free, EstheLED 5C brings results and efficiency to you; targeted care and choice for your clients.

        Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Infrared

        Technical characteristics
        • Ergonomy

          On wheels

        • Panels


        • Illumination area

          155 in2

        • Number of LEDs


        • Power density

          18 mW / in2 at 4 in 

        • Fluence

          414 Joules

        • Colors

          Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Infrared

        • Wavelength

          415 to 830 nm

        • Weight

          88 lbs

        • Dimensions

          51 x 19 x 16 in

        Safety & Precautions

        EstheLED is guaranteed UV-free. The risks associated with the photobiomodulation process are minimal.

        Numerous medical studies testify the harmlessness of this solution. Ongoing studies continue to explore not the dangers but the benefits of a technology with numerous benefits. Nevertheless bare in mind that:

        • LEDs cannot be combined with conventional photosensitizing products: only photosensitizing products duly developed for use under LED light can be used in conjunction with photobiomodulation.

        • In case of pregnancy, the use of LED photobiomodulation is exclusively reserved to the face.

        • LED photobiomodulation is not suitable for people with epilepsy.

        eye protection
        Always protect your eyes and those of your clients when using devices emitting light.

        *LEDs (light emitting diodes) are optoelectronic components that allow the emission of monochromatic light. They are distinguished by their power of diffusion and their emission spectrum (color). Developed specifically for aesthetic applications, the LEDs of the EshteLED professional device benefit from years of experience. With a strong power of light diffusion per square centimeter, EshteLED reduces the length of a session without losing any effectiveness.

        Top 3 questions you may ask yourself
        Is LED Light Therapy safe?

        Yes. As long as the technician verifies any potential matching contraindications with the client. The risks associated with the photobiomodulation process are minimal. LED Light Therapy is UV-free and as long as the distance panels/client is respected, the time of sessions are respected and the protection glasses are worn, both safety and efficiency will be ensured.

        What about the at-home LED Light Therapy devices?

        At-home devices exist and great companies operate in this area. Our focus and aim at Corpoderm is to work aestheticians professionals to professionalize even more the aesthetic field but also to frame the use of the technologies. Our LED technology works with super-emitting LED lights that ensures fast and efficient results. This technology requires supervision and training for anybody intending to use this device.

        Does LED Light Therapy work?

        Anybody who engages in a panel discussion around light therapy will hear questions such as "Why don't I just go under the sun?", "Is it really working?". Although these questions are very valid and no one can argue the pros of a good sun bath, LED Light Therapy has its word to say.

        Based on years of both research and development, LED Light Therapy have proven very effective. Under LED Light Therapy, cells transform the photonic energy of light into energy for cell regeneration, the equivalent of photosynthesis for plants. And different colors have different photonic energies. The scientifically-backed protocols designed will combine a time, a color and a distance to efficiently provide a result. This is in this spirit that Corpoderm works to provide up to 5 colors devices to allow a maximum number of applications.

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