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Stella | Intense Pulsed Light

Bring results to your clients

IPL Stella brings safety and comfort for aesthetic professionals and especially for their clients who benefit from pain-free IPL treatments. IPL Stella is highly profitable thanks to its internal cooling system that allows continuous use of the device.

hair removal with IPL SHR Stella
Hair removal
photo rejuvenation with IPL SHR Stella
Skin rejuvenation
Stella professional IPL hair removal device

FDA Approved IPL for hair removal and skin rejuvenation

Quick and confortable

Painless hair removal machine

Optimized profitability

Perfect IPL for your business

Safe and approved

FDA approved IPL device

With IPL Stella, intense pulsed light treatments are revolutionized. Equipped with SHR On Move technology, this FDA approved device operates with a softer and progressive pulsed light that totally erase all risk of lesions. Thanks to a larger number of flashes (500,000), all areas treated are better and faster covered. Combined with a skin rejuvenation technology, Stella maximized the potential of IPL with anti-aging, harmonizing and repairing treatments for your clients.

Combine hair removal and skin rejuvenation

Smart LCD window

2 Handpieces

4 modes included

Long lifespan

    IPL facial & body care: How does it work?

    IPL is based on the phenomenon of selective photo-thermolysis. This results in an increased temperature of the melanin and pigments in the skin tissues, resulting in physical reactions.

    SHR On Move technology is based on the concept of pulse fractioning. Pulse fractioning consists in alternating between heating times during the duration of the pulse, and thermal relaxation times.

    SHR uses a low fluence (intensity of photon emissions) and multiplies the number of shots up to 10 flashes per second.

    hair removal by intense pulsed light

    Skin Rejuvenation take-away

    • Goal
      Anti-aging (wrinkles, fine lines, firmness), harmonizing (skin texture and texture), repairing (correction of pigmentation anomalies)
    • Actions

      Stimulation of collagen and elastin production for a remodeling and firming effect.

    • Results

      Visible results from the first treatment, lasting for months. 

    • Treatments

      8 sessions of 40 minutes each.

      Assessment of the average number of sessions

    Hair Removal take-away

    • Goal
      Long-lasting hair removal using a painless, risk-free depilatory technique that can be applied to most body areas.
    • Actions

      Destruction of hair follicles by selective photo-   thermolysis.

    • Results

      90% of hair is permanently removed for years.             

    • Treatments

      6 to 8 sessions, spaced from 15 to 45 days.

      Assessment of the average number of sessions
    24 month warranty
    30 day trial
    Buy now, pay later

    High Power Generator

    2000W to enable greater efficiency and longer equipment life.

    Peltier System

    High performance cooling system designed for professionals. 

    Xenon bulb

    Contained in a quartz tube with UV pre-filter. The light is transmitted via a tredichroic wire. It ensures a perfect stability of the flash and the temperature.

    Ergonomic Handpieces

    Made of medical ABS for practicability.

      IPL Stella Manufactured For Professionals

      Ergonomy & high quality

      IPL stella hair removal device by corpoderm
      IPL Stella intuitive interface

      Settings interface on large HD touch screen

      flashmeter on IPL Stella

      Flash meter on each handpiece

      large handpiece crystal on IPL Stella by Corpoderm

      Larger crystal for better coverage

      IPL stella hair removal device by corpoderm

      4 High Performance Fans

      Ensures high efficiency while maintaining the equipment's realibility.

      High-performance liquid cooling by Peltier system

      Designed for professional use to achieve better yields

      Faster than a traditional IPL

      SHR On move technology

      of hair durably eliminated

      In hair removal application
      Technical characteristics
      • Ergonomy

        On wheels

      • Handpieces


      • Wavelength

        560 –950 nm ; 690-1200 nm

      • Fluence

        1-36 J/cm²

      • Treatment area

        8x40mm ; 20x50mm

      • Maximum firing speed

        6-10 Hz

      • Pulse duration


      • Pulse break

        5-60 ms

      • Cooling system

        Water, refrigerated air and Peltier semiconductor

      • Cold temperature

        Up to 24.8F

      • Water tank capacity

        152 Oz / 1.19 Gal

      • Power generator


      • Weight

        100 lbs

      • Dimensions


      • Sweep mode


      Top 3 questions you may ask yourself

      Does Intense Pulsed Light hurt?

      What triggers reluctancy in potential clients for hair removal is the fear that the treatment will hurt. And you cannot lie, it can give a little discomfort. This discomfort is usually characterized by a heating sensation and a feeling comparable to a rubber band being snapped on the skin. Now, all technologies are different and the level of discomfort given will decrease with the type of technology used. 

      IPL Stella is equipped with the SHR On-Move technology. SHR On Move is based on the concept of pulse fractioning which consist in alternating between heating times during the duration of the pulse, and thermal relaxation times. This allows greater comfort, less risks of lesions and less heat sensation for your clients. 

      Depending on the skin type, the degree of comfort varies but SHR On Move guarantees the maximum level of comfort a hair removal technology may provide. 

      Is Intense Pulsed Light safe?

      Yes. As long as the technician follows the protocols and ensure the customers' safety as she/he/they should be, the IPL technology distributed by Corpoderm is safe. Of course, the use of energy-based devices like IPL Stella has contraindications. But a technician should always make sure that a customer does not fall under any of these contraindications. 

      Does Intense Pulsed Light work?

      Intense Pulsed Light technology is one of the most efficient technologies for hair removal. 100% of hair durably eliminated does not exist, as a customer's case varies from another. What Corpoderm sells, its the promise that its technologies gives a result of 90% of hair durably eliminated. 

      Of course, you will get a great result in your first treatment. Where Corpoderm makes a difference lies in the long-term. Next time you will need a hair removal treatment, you won't have much hair to remove.

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