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Invest with a peace of mind

To enable aesthetic professionals to invest without risk in innovative technologies, Corpoderm has developed a comprehensive service offer. Advice, financing studies, training in techniques and treatment protocols: solutions to support you step by step and give you the opportunity to develop your business with complete peace of mind.

Choose the best equipment

Discover Corpoderm's spectrum of professional aesthetics devices, all designed for efficiency and comfort.

Explore your profitability

Dive into a tailored estimation of your profitability as well as the financing terms based on your scenario. 

Financing equipment

Corpoderm partners with multiple financing institutions to help you find the right terms for you. Finance from 3 to 84 months!

Find the right fit

The best aesthetic device for your business

Corpoderm serves the whole spectrum of aesthetic professionals and offers a wide range of beauty care equipment. But your establishment is unique, and the Corpoderm team will help you choose the equipment that is precisely adapted to your way of working.

We examine the relevance of your investments in relation to your clientele and development opportunities, and we help you evaluate the payback period. The quality and reliability of Corpoderm equipment have a flawless reputation.

You are guaranteed to make the right choice and invest for the long term!

LED therapy device EstheLED

LED Light Therapy

professional skin diagnosis and hair diagnosis DP Skin

Hair and skin analyzer

IPL Hair Removal Stella

Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Device Lasera

Laser Hair Removal

    logo investment roi calculator corprofit


    Explore your profitability

    With our internally designed tool "Corprofit", dive into a tailored estimation of your profitability as well as the financing terms based on your scenario. Thought-out for your needs, Corprofit by Corpoderm will allow you to truly understand your investment; what it implies and what opportunity it brings to your business. 

    • More than 50 points englobing your profitability

    • Scenario built around your business and your city 

    • Up to date databases factoring all variables that impact your profitability

    • No need to enter the name of your business

    • Full report generated in less than 2 minutes

    About financing

    Finance your investment

    Financing your investment must also be secure: to help you, Corpoderm has a network of financial partners and specialized insurers. We can provide you with competitive rates for financing from 3 to 84 months.

    Since 2005, Corpoderm has been supporting the creation and development of beauty care centers, independent institutes and franchises, and can thus boast a solid experience in that way. Working with Corpoderm implies working with a good advisor that will help your business make the right decision for your investment. 

    Insurance & Legal Coverage

    In the same way, Corpoderm connects you with insurers specializing in aesthetic care activities to facilitate the development of your business.

    Integrated Care Package

    Make the most of your care equipment

    To guarantee an optimal use of our equipment, Corpoderm also provides a dedicated professional training service and a high quality after-sales service.


    training session in the use of aesthetic devices at the headquarters of Corpoderm

    Train in the technologies and protocols of your devices

    With the professional aesthetic training service offered by Corpoderm partners, we can help you learn how to use your aesthetic equipment. These training sessions are designed to give you a perfect mastery of the treatment technologies that you offer your clients.

    Our partners' training sessions also include a practical component that details the treatment protocols to be applied and gives you the opportunity to get to grips with the equipment. This guarantees that you will be able to practice your treatments safely and efficiently, while staying ahead of the ongoing training obligation that will eventually become a legal requirement.

    To facilitate this crucial step, you can choose to take the training at our facility, at Corpoderm's headquarters in Austin or at one of our partner centers. Alternatively, you can host the trainers at your facility, allowing you to test your equipment in real-world conditions.

    Find a training facility

    Customer Service

    Revision of aesthetic appliances by a Corpoderm technician

    Your peace of mind is our priority

    All Corpoderm beauty care equipment is guaranteed for 2 years on parts and labor, and our Customer Service is very responsive. To limit the potential financial impact of a technical interruption, Corpoderm Customer Service is committed to being :

    • Available:
      Our After-Sales Service is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm
    • Reactive:
      We do everything possible to respond to you and help you out as quickly as possible
    • Efficient:
      Parts are delivered within 48 to 72 hours (subject to availability); in case of breakdown or revision we commit ourselves to provide you with an equivalent equipment (possibility of free loan depending on the situation). Moreover, if your equipment is immobilized for more than 7 days, your warranty will be extended for the same period.

    Talk to our customer service

    Discover Corpoderm Access Centers

    Map Explanation of Corpoderm Access Center
    Corpoderm Access Centers with showrooms training centers and maintenance facilities

    Partnering with facilities in your state

    In France, Corpoderm has created its own certified training facilities and developed its own maintenance unit.

    This experience blended to the one of our successful partners is here to help you grow your business with confidence and trust. Hence, we aim at developing Corpoderm Access Centers (CAC).

    What is it about?

    Corpoderm's vision is to create different clusters of showrooms, training facilities and maintenance partners in different states, different regions.

    What is our long-term objective?

    Our objective is to build centers of partners in most of the states we are doing business in. These mini-hubs will increase convenience and reactivity for your business.


    Although we pride ourselves in years of experience in maintenance and customer service, our French team won't be as responsive as our local partners. In another perspective, we want to build a community and partner with as many local businesses as possible, to prove that internationalization can be as local as your neighbor. 

    Texas, CAC nº1  

    Corpoderm's adventure debutes here in Austin, TX. We are excited to collaborate with X and X for training as well as Y and Y for maintenance. 

    Not from Texas? Write us a message!

    A representative will help you find the right facilities for you and your employees.

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